Introduce myself

I’ll introduce myself, my name is Bennie Kodden. Driving on the Goldwing is my passion. I made a profession out of my hobby.

A review:

I have owned and drove a Goldwing for a little more than 20 years. I started on the GL1100 Vetterstate. After that I owned a GL1200 Aspencade, when my first child was born, I added a sidecar to my GL1200 (a California sidecar, with 1 person occupancy). After that I drove a GL1500 with a EML GT2001 sidecar. In between I drove on my wife's motorcycle. She had a GL1100 naked bike. She now drives a GL1200 naked bike (oem 1984). When the children were old enough, I sold my GL1500 EML GT2001 for a GL1500. After a couple of years of driving on the GL1500, I'm now driving a GL1800. 
Because of my passion for the Goldwing, I am able to lose myself in it. I searched more for used parts for my bike. More often I found very few used parts when I was looking. Because of this I was searching for payable parts and so more and more used parts were shipped to me. My shelf bulged out with the abundance of parts and searching for the right parts was very difficult.

Then I made the decision to make a profession out of my hobby.

In 2011 I started in Kraggenburg (where my business is now) in a nice building. After I cleaned up the whole building, the parts were moved there and organized on shelves.

Now I have a building with a lot of used Goldwing motorcycle parts. Besides that I also have a hydraulic lift for solo bikes and a lift for sidecars.

I can arrange the following for you: 

• Order new Goldwing parts for you
• Damage estimation and repair
• Complete tire installation and assembly
• Painting
• Alignment
• Winterizing one’s Goldwing

In short, your Goldwing is at the right spot in Kraggenburg to meet all of your needs.

Also, I have a couple of routes outlined that start at my business, which you can navigate using the Garmin GPS.

Hope to see you in Kraggenburg!