Terms and conditions of use

Although the information on the website of HB Wings and Parts is made with the utmost care and we
strive for the highest degree of completeness and accuracy, may HB Wings and Parts not guarantee
that the website will be error free. HB Wings and Parts reserves the right to change the information on
the website at any time to modify, supplement or delete them. We will not take back new items which
were used or worn, at the discretion of HB Wings and Parts. Keep the original packaging of the items,
do not remove labels and get a good package for a possible return. HB Wings and Parts is in no way
liable for the consequences of using this website, nor for any direct or indirect damages resulting from
the purchase and use of the offered engine parts, accessoiries and/or other goods. Offers are subject
to availability.

1. General Terms
These Conditions cover offers made, quotations produced, agreements entered into and the execution
thereof, and deliveries and services performed by or on behalf of HB Wings and Parts. Departures
from these Conditions will only be of force if agreed in writing by HB Wings and Parts and by the Other

2. Product information and Prices
All the prices are in Euros and are quoted inclusive VAT, exclusive transport and treatment costs.
We pay the greatest possible attention to the correct entry of our products, prices, photos et cetera. If
it appears that there are errors in the listing, we reserve the right not to deliver the items. In that case
you will receive as soon as possible the right information.

3. Delivery and stock
Basically we deliver orders within 3 business days after the funds are credited on our account. We
sent your order by Post.nl. HB Wings and Parts cannot be held liable for lost packages. The above applies
to deliveries within Netherlands. Foreign shipping and delivery on request.

4. Guarantee
We guarantee you that the products you are buying from us are good. We give no guarantee in case
of wrong use of the delivered product. On self-assembled parts we give no guarantee. HB Wings and
Parts is in no way liable for damages caused by the use of products.
All guarantee agreements lapse if the Other Party itself makes changes and/or repairs to the
product supplied, or if the product supplied has not been or is not being used.
Or if the product supplied has been or is being used or applied for purposes other than for which
it is intended or if the product supplied has been or is being used in a way which HB Wings and Parts
in all reasonableness could not have expected.

5. Return and Exchange
The products can be returned within 14 days. The newly products need to be returned stating reason
unopened, undamaged, and in original packaging. Used parts must be sent in the same condition
returned if they are sent. The costs already paid will not be refunded. You must also pay the shipping
costs of the return shipment. The 14-day period starts on the day you have receive the order. When
we shipped incorrectly items, or incomplete shipments and other abnormalities of your order is due
within 3 days of receipt by email to notify. Give clearly indication of what is wrong. We will contact
you within 2 working days and will clearly indicate how we solve the case. If the cause lies with us,
the shipping is for our account.